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Once a married couple moved to a new home. Some days later, just after waking up the wife looked through window and saw that a woman in a neighboring home was hanging out washed clothes to dry.
After the wife saw this she said to her husband, "Dear, look at those dirty clothes that woman is hanging there to dry."
The husband did not pay any attention and continued to read his newspaper.

Another day again when the wife saw her neighbor doing same, she said to her husband, "Maybe her soap is bad or she does not know how to wash clothes. Even after washing her clothes still seems so dirty."
for the next few days, whenever the wife saw that neighboring woman dry clothes, she would express surprise at how dirty it was. One day she said, "We ought to teach her how to wash clothes."
Still the Husband did not say anything about it.

One morning when she woke up and looked through the window. She screamed with a surprise look on her face and said, "Oh!! Today clothes seems so clean. Probably that neighboring woman learned to wash it at last.."
"No, it's not her. Today I just woke up a bit earlier and washed up our window.." replied her husband.

Moral: Sometimes we need to Understand that it could be our views that are not letting us see clearly. We should not judge person without clearing our Thoughts and understanding all about their situation.