Three Vampires agreed to meet at a pub. The first to arrive went over to the bar and ordered a packet of peanuts and a pint of blood. 'Sorry, we don't serve blood' the barman answered. So he took the peanuts, went to a table and waited for the others.

When the second vampire arrived, he also walked over to the bar and ordered, 'A packet of chips and a pint of blood, please'. 'Sorry', the barman said, 'we don't serve blood'. The second vampire took his packet of chips and joined his friend.

Finally, the third vampire arrived, went to the bar and ordered a glass of hot water. ' No problem' said the barman, and handed him the hot water.
'Are you nuts?' asked the other vampires, as he joined them at the table.'We drink blood, not water'.
The third vampire pulled an used tampon from his pocket, and with a satisfied smile said, 'you haven't heard of teabags then?'