When you ask for a favour, there is a good chance that you have to repay : and when that day comes, it might be too late to change your mind

(1) Play wid puppy dawg, puppy dawg lick yuh face. Play wid big gawg, big dawg bite yuh.

Endlish translation: Play with a small dog and he will lick your face. Play with a big dog and he will bite you.

Meaning: If you play out of your league you may get a lesson you won't forget.

(2) Bend di tree while it young, cause when it old it a go bruk.

English translation: Bend the tree while it is young, because when it is old it will break.

Meaning: Discipline your children and teach them the right way when they are young, because trying to do it when they are older might be too late for them and yourself.

(3) Ef fish deh a river bottom an tell yuh seh alligator havs gum boil, believe him!

English translation: If a fish at the bottom of a river tells you that an alligator has gum boil, believe the fish.

Meaning: Listen to the voice of experience.

(4) Yuh a swap black dawg fi monkey.

English translation: You are swapping a black dog for a monkey.

Meaning: To give up one bad situation for aanother, often used in relationships.

(5) Nuh expect nutten fram ah pig but ah grunt.

English Translation: Don't expect anything from a pig but a grunt.

Meaning: Do not expect class or gracefrom a pig.In other words, if you know someone is an idiot, why be surprised when he/she acts like one.

(6) Sake a mouth fish get ketck.

English Translation: Because of it's mouth the fish got caught.

Meaning: Talking too much will get you in trouble.

(7) Nuh romp wid mawga cow, a cudda bull mumma!

English Translation: Don't play with a skinny cow, it could the bull's mother.

Meaning: Don't underestimate people who may seem weak or insignificant, because you don't know what kind of powerful and influential people they have in their corner.

(8) Sorry fi mawga dowg, mawga dawg tun roun bite yuh.

English Translation: Don't feel sorry for the skinny dog as he could turn around and bite you.

Meaning: Sometimes it is the people we've helped the most who are the most ungrateful.

(9) Monkey mus know weh him gwine put him tail before him order trousiz.

English Translation: The Monkey must know where he is going to put his tail before he orders the trousers.

Meaning: Be clear of how you are going to carry a thing through before you initiate the process. AND One must know one's self before doing what others are doing.

(10) Rockstone a riva bottom nuh know sun hat.

English Translation: THe rocks at the bottom of the river do not know that the sun is hot.

Meaning: If you are in a sheltered situation, you do not know what hardship is.

(11) What dawg see mek him bark all night, ramgoat see it too,but it nuh trouble him.

English Translation: What the Dog sees that makes him bark all night, is also seen by the Ramgoat, but it doesn't trouble him.

Meaning: Things affect people differently.

(12) When you go a Jackass yard, you nuh fi chat bout big ears.

English Translation: When you go to the Jackass's yard, you must not talk about big ears.

Meaning: Don't criticise others in their presence.

(13) Wen rat like fi romp roun' puss jaw, one day him a go en' up inna puss craw

English Translation: When a rat loves to play around a cat's mouth, one day he will end up in the cat's claw.

Meaning: When one flirts too much with danger, soon he/she will get caught.

(14) Man nuh dun cross rivah nuffi cuss alligator say him mouth long.

English Translation: If a man is not finished crossing the river, he should not curse the alligator about his long mouth.

Meaning: Do not curse those who have the power to hurt you, or hinder your progress.

(15) A nuh one day monkey waan wife.

English Translation: It is not for only one day that the monkey wants a wife.

Meaning: (1) You don't know how often you will need help in the future, so be careful not to turn your back on those who help you.(2) Never forget the people that help you today, as you may need their help in the future.

(16) Finga nuh sey look ya, it seh look deh.

English Translation: A finger does not say look here, it says look there.

Meaning: Never criticise others before looking at yourself.

(17) Nuh matta 'ow kokroach junk, im nuh waak pass fowl yaad

English Translation: No matter how drunk the cockroach becomes, he never makes the mistake of walking past the fowl's yard.

Meaning:People can naturally recognize dangerous situations and avoid them.

(18) When man belly full, im bruck pat

English Translation: When a man's belly is filled, he breaks the pot

Meaning: When man is satisfied, he often forgets what hunger or need is, and is indifferent to the sources of his repast, until he again finds himself in need.

(19) Dawg hab money nyam cheese, wen im bruck im chaw ole rag.

English Translation: It doesn't matter how much a hog tries to hide under a sheep wool, his grunt will betray him.

Meaning: A person's true character will always be revealed.

(20) Mi cum yah fi drink milk, mi nuh cum yah fi count cow

English Translation: I came here to drink milk, not to count cows.

Meaning: (1) Mind your own business. (2) Enjoy what you are entitled to.

(21) Trouble deh a bush Anansi carri cum a yaad

English Translation: Trouble in the bushes Anansi brings it home.

Meaning: (1) If you kow something or someone will be a problem, don't bring them into your home. (2) What does not concern ou, leave it alone.

(22) Ef alligator seh fish mout tink, believe im

English Translation: If an Alligator says that fish's mouth is stink, believe him.

Meaning: Listen to those with more wisdom and experience.

(23) Yuh cyaan sidung pan cow bak an' cuss cow kin

English Translation: You cannot sit on the cow's back and curse the skin of the cow

Meaning: We should never be ungrateful to, or disdainful of those who help us

(24) Wah gawn bad a maanin cyaan cum gud a evelin

English Translation: What went wrong in the morning cannot be remedied in the evening

Meaning: It makes no sense to take precautions after we carelessly allowed a situation to get out of hand.

(25) Wah de goat du, de kid falla

English Translation: What the goat does, the kid follows.

Meaning: Children absorbs behavioural cues from their parents, and other significant adults in their lives. We should set good examples for our children