Robbing The Needy!

Sometime ago begging for alms, was humbly owned and operated by a set of people, dubbed as the 'less fortunate'. and it was easy to give to these people and one felt a sense of 'doing good', because it was also a neighbourly thing to do.

Today, mendicancy has taken a new face, as beggars are now out in their numbers : It is now used in some areas as a channel for earning, has become a business, and a rapidly expanding trade : and various schemes are devised to prey upon the kindness, and sympathy of the everyday people.

Now it is equally easy to ignore the outstretched hand without feeling any remorse for closing the bowel of compassion.

Standing in a designated area with a baby, and begging "for the baby" ; or, using an old prescription to beg on behalf of medicine which cannot be afforded, are only examples of some of the schemes that are concocted, and often times these people are heavier in the pocket than you are. .

But, what of online begging? .

Oh yes, that happens as well!
There are certain people who have become active in targeting foreigners, online, and they tell stories with the hope of receiving benefits.
Their cases are well presented in varied forms and sometimes range between pitiful and hardluck, and some of these go mere inches away from conning. .

But, in general, begging is widely abused, and it seems the one little thing that the needy had going for them, is now preyed upon by unscrupulous persons, taken over and made a trade of.

It is now difficult to weigh or judge which of the hand is really stretched out "in need"
And so the needy is robbed of their own little privilege, and is left to continue being 'in need'. .