Trust is much like a piece of glass : Once broken, you may pick up and put back the pieces, but the crack remains


Ants Problem: ~ Ants hate Cucumbers. KEEP the skin of Cucumbers near the place where they are, or at Ant Hole.

To make the Mirror Shine: ~ Clean with Sprite.

To remove Chewing Gum from Clothes: ~ Keep the Cloth in the Freezer for One Hour

To Whiten White Clothes: ~ Soak White Clothes in hot water with a slice of Lemon for 10 minutes

To give a Shine to your Hair: ~ Add one Teaspoon of Vinegar to Hair,then wash Hair

To get maximum Juice out of Lemons: ~ Soak Lemons in Hot Water for One Hour, and then juice them

To avoid smell of Cabbage while cooking: ~ Keep a piece of Bread on the Cabbage in the Vessel while cooking

To remove Ink from Clothes: ~ Put Toothpaste on the Ink Spots generously and let it dry completely, then wash

To get rid of Mice or Rats: ~ Sprinkle Black Pepper in places where you find Mice & Rats. They will run away

Take Water Before Bedtime

About 90% of Heart Attacks occur Early in the Morning & it can be reduced if one takes a Glass or two of Water before going to bed at Night

We Know Water is important but maybe never knew about the Special Times one has to drink it.. !!
Did you know ???

Drinking Water at the Right Time maximizes its effectiveness on the Human Body
▪ 1 Glass of Water after waking up - helps to activate internal organs..
▪ 1 Glass of Water 30 Minutes before a Meal - helps digestion..
▪ 1 Glass of Water before taking a Bath - helps lower your blood pressure.
▪ 1 Glass of Water before going to Bed - Avoids Stroke or Heart Attack.