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One day a young man who was academically excellent applied for a manager's post in a big company. He passed the written exam and then the group interview. After this he had to face a final interview to be taken by the company's director.

In that interview the Director looked into young man's CV and saw that he did extremely well throughout his studies.
The Director questioned him.
Director: Did you ever obtain any scholarship in your school or college?
Young man: None
Director: Did your father pay for your school fees?
Young man: My father passed away when I was 3, It was my mother who paid the fees.
Director: Where did your mother work?
Young man: Sir, my mother work as a clothes cleaner.

Then the director asked the young man to show his hands. The Young man showed his hands that were smooth and soft.
The director questioned him again.
Director: Have you ever helped your mother wash clothes?
Young man: No, She always wanted me to study and learn more. Further more, she could wash much faster than I could.

Now, the Director asked the young man that when he go back to his home today just go to his mother and clean her hands, after that he can come back and see him for the job.

Seeing a chance to the job the young man was very happy. So, he went back to his home and asked his mother to allow him to clean her hands.

Listening to this request she felt strange and happy and with such mixed emotions she showed her hands to him.
Now the young man started to clean her hands slowly and as he cleaned her hands tears fell from his eyes. For the first time he noticed his mother's hands were so wrinkled and there were bruises on her hands and some bruises were so painful that she shivered with pain when they were cleaned.
This was the first time the young man realized that his mother washed clothes everyday to enable him to pay his school fees. Bruises on her hands was price that mother had to pay for his graduation.
After the cleaning of his mother's hands he washed up the remaining clothes quietly and that day he spent a long time talking to her.

Next morning he went to director's office. The Director noticed there were tears in his eyes,and asked him, "What you did you do yesterday?"
 The Young man replied, "I cleaned my mother's hands and finished cleaning the remaining clothes."
The Director asked him, "Please tell me what are you feelings now?"
The Young man replied, "Firstly, Now I know what is appreciation. Without my mother I wouldn't be here today. Secondly, By helping my mother now I realize how difficult it is to get things done. And I learned to appreciate the importance and value of family."

After listening to the young man's answer the director said, "This is what I had been looking for in my manager. I want to recruit someone who can appreciate help of others and understand suffering of others to get things done. You are hired."

Moral: If a person does not understand what difficulty loved one have faced to provide them comfort then they will never value it.